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Saving Face - Sandy's 5 tips for summer-licious skin.

Summer is here which means amazing, long days lazing on the beach, swimming in the sea and rivers, lots of sun and heat, and loads of parties and events. At this time of year, looking after your ‘self’ means looking after your skin.

My Ultimate Summer Skin Package is for a bespoke treatment and personal plan for your summer complexion, by me! Come and see me for an extremely relaxing hour of pamper-licious skin-love – some intense, deep moisturising and gentle effective exfoliation, to prepare for a fabulous summer.

Here are my 5 tips for looking after your skin this summer:

1. Sunscreen:

The sun is harmful all year, but we spend a lot more time out in the rays in the summer, so focus on sun and heat protection as well as your regular care routine. And don’t forget your lips, they need sunscreen too! Always carry a sunscreen with you, it’s perhaps your best tool for summer skin, and pick a lighter cream that has an SPF greater than 50. Remember prevention is better than a cure. If you do need to deal with sunburn, treat your skin to as much moisturising or cooling gels as possible until the discomfort disappears.

2. Exfoliation:

Exfoliation is always a good idea, but can really rejuvenate the skin over summer, and can even lighten sun spots. Exfoliation will also help the skin absorb moisturisers. A satisfying skin brush on dry skin before showering is one of the most effective ways to exfoliate, and don’t forget those knees and elbows. And within three minutes of drying off, slather yourself in a rich body cream or oil… a perfect summer treatment for the body. Remember that exfoliated skin is more sensitive to the sun’s rays so try and do this at night time.

3. Eyes:

Summer weather can be very harmful to the fine fragile skin around the eyes. Consider some extra attention here over the summer months, something with a light texture such as Ultraderm’s Eye Restore Serum. A great pair of sunglasses is also a must, there’s nothing worse than a healthy glow with pale squint-lines on show after the sun goes down, these lines are a very ageing look.

4. Hydration:

Always carry a water bottle with you in the summer. Over summer days the body loses large amounts of water through perspiration. Try to drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day to keep your fluid levels up and help your skin stay hydrated. Bump up the amount of high-water content foods in your diet over summer, Rockmelon and watermelon are rich in anti-oxidants and deliver wonderful hydration to the skin, aiding your summer complexion.

5. Stay moisturised:

With the seasonal humidity you may feel moisturising is less important than in winter, but don’t give it up. Dry skin is unhappy skin, and sun, sea, chlorine and air-conditioning are all issues in the warmer months. A good moisturising routine creates a great foundation for your complexion. Keeping your face moisturised helps it to perform as an excellent barrier to damage from sun, pollution, and moisture loss during the party season. Applying a cooling moisturising serum or gel at the end of a summer day is a calming treatment for your face, and body too.

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