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Sandy & Kirsty

Hello, we believe beauty has many faces. It's your smile, your laugh, your warmth, it's your kindness towards others and your love for yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is true to themselves. Sometime our skin's appearance can lower our self esteem by getting in the way of the person we truly are. Let us help you match your skin's appearance to the beautiful person you are inside. Beautiful skin gives you the confidence to shine inside and out. 


Sandy's Skin Solutions offer specialised treatments including Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Rezenerate Nano Needling Facials, Dermo Pro Skin Needling and Cleansing Facials all using the professional range of cosmeceutical skincare products. Together let's develop and maintain a personalised skin care regime. You will love yourself for it.

Sandy's Skin Solutions proudly uses:


Ultraderm is an Australian skincare company founded in 2009 by Pauline Valle.  With her extensive beauty industry experience, Pauline has developed a cutting edge cosmeceutical skincare brand.  Ultraderm is ethically formulated with only the best ingredients needed to deliver optimum results to its customers. 

Truly committed to only using proven ingredients that are beneficial in making a positive improvement to skin, Ultraderm regularly evaluates all formulations and introduces new results-driven ingredients as they come to market.  The formulations used at Ultraderm are always at the forefront of innovation.


The Ultraderm range of exceptional skincare products are just the beginning to achieving healthy youthful looking skin.  Sandy's Skin Solutions provide expertise and enhanced treatments which increase the Ultraderm results when used in tandem with the Ultraderm range of home care products.

Ultraderm's products and the ingredients used to formulate them, are not tested on animals.

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